About us

Roussel Peinture has been in business for over 150 years

The company is based in Croix, near Lille and is specialised in painting and renovation work. It works for private and professional customers and specifiers in Greater Lille.

Since 1870, Roussel Peinture has acquired expertise, experience but also strong founding values: Reliability, Respect and Flexibility.

Our history


In 1995, Alexis Lefebvre bought the family business, based at that time in Roubaix, from his father. The latter had acquired the company twenty years earlier, thus completing a century of Roussel history.


In 2011, Alexis Lefebvre and Olivier Hussenot become associates, marking a turning point for the artisanal company. Together, the two men will name values, write a vision and encourage a new management style. In short, they broke the codes to embellish the future.


Since 2018, the century-old company has been based in Croix. This move has given rise to a new dynamic. The company has modernised and acquired new skills. Roussel Peinture has structured itself by strengthening its teams to meet the needs of its customers.
Histoire Roussel Peinture

Our values : Reliability, Respect and Flexibility

Équipe de Roussel Peinture

The three founding values of Roussel Peinture define the company’s DNA: reliability, respect and flexibility.

These values are transversal. They are shared by each of our employees to offer the best to our customers. 

Our teams are composed of experienced, demanding and exemplary professionals to assist you in all your projects.


Our vision

Alexis Lefebvre and Olivier Hussenot have transformed the “old-fashioned” construction company into a service company. They have combined experience and expertise with a high-performance toolbox to support the company’s employees. 

The company ensures that our teams are trained in new activities, new tools and new techniques to ensure optimal quality of service. 

We attach great importance to the relationship with our customers. From your first contact to the execution of your work, we ensure your satisfaction at all times. 

To accompany, advise, co-create together your project of renovation or interior installation, that is the ambition of Roussel Peinture.


Alexis et Olivier vision Roussel Peinture

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