Are you building or renovating a house or commercial building?

Our experienced tradesmen will help and advise you in restoring your damaged walls and ceilings and creating your partition walls.

At Roussel Peinture, we carry out your interior finishing, insulation and fitting work. We offer our plastering services to individuals and professionals for work in Lille and its metropolis.


Our expertise :

Repairing your ceilings and walls

Your ceilings and walls suffer damages over time. A door that opens violently, an object that is thrown against a wall, an accidental impact, a shelf that is knocked off, the removal of fixing bolts… The damage can range from a simple scratch to a serious hole. Sometimes the walls are simply old and need to be renovated.

Our plasterers operate in Lille and its metropolis to restore the surfaces concerned. We rebuild damaged walls and ceilings by installing gypsum and plaster boards. 

Our teams are qualified and ensure that your work is carried out in complete safety. We use quality materials that meet the French Services + (NF) standards.

We can install double plasterboard and soundproofing at your request to guarantee optimal insulation.


Creation of partition walls

The creation of plasterboard partitions is the most effective solution to arrange your rooms. We can advise you on the arrangement of your interior and carry out your partitioning work in Lille and its surroundings areas.

Inserting doors

A different arrangement sometimes also means changing the position of your doors. Our tradesmen are qualified to install a door in a new or existing wall, but also to close off an existing opening neatly.

Extension and modification of a house

As plasterers in Lille, we also do larger-scale work. Hire our services for your house or business extension. Our tradesmen respect your specifications to the letter to create your new living space.

Looking for a plasterer in Greater Lille?

Do not hesitate to contact Roussel Peinture if you are looking for a plasterer who is passionate about his/her job.

Each site is unique, we take the time to define with you your project and the level of finition that you want.


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