Soft and resilient floor coverings

Roussel Peinture will help you in your project. Reasons to change your floor can be multiple: new decoration, new purpose of the room, change of the wall partitions, damage… Whether you are, a private customer, a professional or a specifier we have all the ranges of products adapted to your project.

Our expertise :

The choice of soft floor covering

We can offer you any type of soft and resilient floor covering: carpet, PVC strips, floating parquet, sisal, sea rush… 

Tiles, strips or in rolls, vinyl flooring can serve as a beautiful imitation of natural wood flooring, marble or tiles.

In collaboration with our suppliers, we offer aesthetic and quality products.

The choice of floor implies the preparation of the existing support, according to your choice and the state of the support we can have to level or sand the floor, or instal an underlay…

Our teams are trained to explain to you how the work will be carried out, the technical constraints and to help you choose the most suitable solution for your budget.

Floor painting

We can also apply floor paint for your interior and exterior staircases, common areas, your shop, a garage in a private home, floor marking: numbering, parking space, warehouse area, etc.


All colours and finishings are possible to suit your project.

Whatever you want, our teams will help you choose your colour, the finishing and prepare our intervention. Intensive visits on the project site, work during holidays, respecting the schedule, we make sure that our visit is as discreet as possible.

The materials to choose for a floor covering vary according to the room and your needs, habits and desires. They play a big role in the aesthetic and the harmony of your interior.

Roussel Peinture realises your works of floor covering for your house or your professional buildings. From the advice to the installation, our tradesmen help you to choose the materials and the colours to satisfy all your requirements.


Are you looking for a tradesman for your floor covering work?

Don’t hesitate to contact Roussel Peinture if you are looking for a tradesman for your floor covering work who is passionate about his/her job.

Each site is unique, we take the time to define with you your project and the level of finishing which you want.


Let’s talk about your project together