Wall coverings

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Your wall covering protects your partitions and decorates your interior. The choices are numerous to obtain walls to your taste, to bring a traditional aspect or a modern touch to your decoration.

Roussel Peinture has more than 150 years of experience in the installation of wall coverings, fibreglass, wallpaper, large width coverings and paint. For your renovation work, for private customers as well as for professionals, our painters advise you and install your wall coverings to create the interior that suits you.


Our expertise

Laying fibreglass

Fibreglass is very popular in renovation work and is also suitable for walls that are damaged or already covered with an old wall covering. It strengthens the walls and contains micro-cracks effectively.

Our craftsmen level the walls and fill in any holes to ensure a smooth and even surface before installation. Whether you choose patterned or painted fibreglass, there are many finishes to choose from to achieve a decorative effect to suit your taste. We can help you choose the right paints, shades and colours to obtain the look you want.

Applying wallpaper

Wallpaper can be technical and demanding to apply. In terms of decoration, you have a wide choice of colours, textures and patterns. For a highly personalised interior, wallpaper is the perfect ally for your renovation projects.

We help you choose your wallpaper for a classic or graphic look. Our tradesmen install your wallpaper with precision and meticulousness for perfect connections.

Wall painting

To revive the colours of your room, change your decoration, protect your walls and give style to your interior, discover our painting services on our dedicated page.

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Each project is unique, we take the time to define with you your project and the level of finishing you want.


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